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  For over 10 years of helping businesses online we have emerged as leaders in the industry.

Email Validator™ Features

  • Email Verification: Verify bad email addresses.
  • Multithread Connections: Number of connections you want to make while performing email validation. More connections will use more system resources and internet bandwidth, but it will speed up the validating speed. Recommended maximum 50 connections. (Available in Registered Version Only)
  • Size of the mailing List : Handle unlimited size of the email list (Available in Registered Version Only)
  • Mailing List: Import email lists from .TXT files
  • Save: Once the addresses have been validated, you can save the valid or the invalid email addresses in two separate files.

Dynamic email validator

Email Validator™
Freeware Version

Email Validator™
Registered Version

Suitable for
Individual users or Small
and Home business
Medium sized company
having Large Mailing List
No. of Email Addresses
Multithread feature
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